Golf ScoreCards, Inc.


Penderbrook Golf Club

Fairfax, Virginia


5x8 / 6x8

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Interesting logo usage (looks like a leafy golf ball!) & the green on white design. Simple and easy to read. Back panelhas a brief-but-interesting blurb about the course itself + its features, along with an overall map.  Hole-by-hole is nicely done with the logo showing; font overall is easy to read. 

Golf ScoreCards, Inc. has been a trusted partner of the Northern Texas PGA since 2013. In addition to their financial support and spirit of cooperation as a sponsor of our Pro-Pro Championship, Golf ScoreCards, Inc. is responsible for printing the marketing and promotional materials for our Junior Tour, Texas State Open and Texas Women's Open. Through our partnership, many facilities in the Northern Texas Section now work with Golf ScoreCards, Inc. too. We highly value our relationship with Golf ScoreCards, Inc. and share a common goal of providing outstanding service for our customers.

Ryan Kossick, Assistant Executive Director / COO
Northern Texas PGA