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At Golf ScoreCards our goal is to make the process of getting your scorecards designed, printed and delivered as easy for you as possible. But before you decide to get going on your order you may have questions. In this section we’ve pulled together responses to Frequently Asked Questions. Click on any of the buttons below for answers. If you have other questions, call us at 800-238-7267.

How do I get my first order started?

It’s easy! Just email us your logo, photo (if you use one) and your current scorecard. We’ll use your current scorecard to pick up grid data and rules. (Or you can send us an Excel spreadsheet if several of your yardages have changed.) We’ll call you to discuss design direction and desired features. If you’ve seen a card in our Scorecard Portfolio that you really like, let us know as this will help us understand your design preferences.

What are my options for scorecard size?

Standard sizes are 5 x 8, 6 x 8, 4.5 x 12, 5 x 12 and 6 x 12. As courses add tees (including combination tees) we’ve seen 6 x 8’s, which have more space for tee rows, replace 4.5 x 12’s as the most commonly used size for 18-hole facilities. 27 and 36-hole facilities usually use a 5 x 12 or 6 x 12 size.  

If a standard scorecard size doesn’t fit your needs, we can create a custom size. Just let us know what you have in mind. If you go to our Scorecard Portfolio you can filter scorecard samples by size.

What is the process for approving my design?

When we have completed your design we post a proof to the password-protected area of our website. You will automatically receive an email notification with instructions on how to view and download the proof. You can submit changes by phone, email or on the website. When you are ready to approve the proof for printing, we ask that you submit your approval online.

What if I want changes to the design? What do you charge?

The simple answer: We don’t charge for changes. Of course we ask that you consolidate your modifications and keep them to 3 or 4 "rounds" after the first new proof, if possible. As always, our goal is your 100% satisfaction.

How can I be sure that the information on my scorecard is correct?

Scorecards should be error-free and at Golf ScoreCards we are SERIOUS about proofreading. Before sending us information, you should verify that all the yardages, pars and handicaps you give us are correct. After your design has been created, every project proof is reviewed and signed off by two members of our staff. That means we add up all the yardages, review hole handicaps to make sure there are no duplicates, check that the pars make sense, review contact information for accuracy and rules for grammar. Finally, it is your responsibility to give the proof one last review before submitting your approval to print.

The bottom line: Scorecards are packed with information and this information should be 100% correct.

Do you offer different kinds of paper stocks?

Yes! We offer a variety of paper stocks including felt, matte and linen. Specialty paper stocks are often used by golf courses that want a conservative, traditional look. Our premium “house stock” is preferred by roughly 90% of our customers. It is our most popular and cost-effective solution because it is stiff, takes a pencil well and offers excellent photo resolution.

If you’d like to see samples printed on any of our paper stocks, call us at 800-238-7267 or request a sample packet.

How long does it take to process my order?

For orders of 5,000 or more it takes 2-3 weeks from approval to ship date. Special features such as round corners or die-cut windows will usually add a couple of days to the schedule. Short-run orders of 500-1,000 take 24-48 hours.  

The addition of combination tees is making our scorecard crowded. Help!

We have numerous ways of helping you avoid clutter. If your scorecard is currently a 4.5 x 12, we will probably recommend switching to a 6 x 8 or 6 x 12. The added height comfortably allows for more rows. Then there are things we can do to the grid layout. If your card currently has two par and/or two hole handicap lines, we can reduce these to one row each and show the differences using a slash between the numbers. We can use arrows or circles to indicate combinations instead of using separate rows.

If you’re interested in seeing a variety of options for displaying combination tees, go to our Scorecard Portfolio and click on the Combination Tees option.

I’d like to receive samples in the mail.

No problem. Just call us at 800-238-7267 or fill out a form to tell us what you’d like to see and where to send it.

I’d like to more know more about scorecard design.

We’ve got you covered. Check out our online course titled “Principles of Scorecard Design”. You can view the entire one hour video and take the short assessment that follows. If you earn a passing grade you’ll earn one PGA Education Credit. Or, if you don’t want to view the entire course, we’ve broken the content up into short tutorials. For example, you can watch a short video that illustrates different ways of displaying combination tees.

They're here! They're wonderful! I am just so thrilled to have found your company. Usually something that seems too good to be true is just that, but you guys are the real deal. Thanks a million!

Nancy Rose, General Manager